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E'eleh BeTamar association
Hundreds of members and companies from all over the country are active in the association "E'eleh BeTamar". We work for the inheritance of the heritage of Yemenite Judaism in all its branches, for all of Israel, especially for the younger generation, as an inseparable part of Jewish culture.
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cultural events in E'eleh BeTamar association
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cultural events in E'eleh BeTamar association
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cultural events in E'eleh BeTamar association
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The management of E'eleh BeTamar association

Dr. Rachel Yadid

Chairman of the association "E'eleh BeTamar

Rachel Yadid was born in Tel Aviv in 1950, to the Dahari (Yitzhari) family who immigrated from the city of Rada in January 1949. In 1960 the family moved their home to Rishon Lezion…

Prof. Aharon Gimani

The president of the association

Aharon Gimani is a professor in the Department of Israeli History and Contemporary Judaism at Bar-Ilan University. Born in Moshav Zebdiel in Sivan 1744, to parents who immigrated from the city of Goiman…

Mr Shalom Sri

Member of the board of the association and the research fund

Shalom Seri was born in Sana'a in 1927. At the age of 7 he immigrated to Israel. Sri grew up and grew up in Jerusalem, worked as a teacher in the "Meir Shafiya" youth village. Worked at a high school for Jewish studies in Chicago…

We invite you to enjoy and preserve the heritage

Cultural events at the E'eleh BeTamar association

As part of the "E'eleh BeTamar" association, we hold non-fiction and cultural evenings for the general public, find research books and non-fiction books as well as personal and family stories of Yemenite Jews. We are developing the documentation project that the association has been running for several years, which contains hundreds of life stories told by expatriates from Yemen.

Books published by the association

Among the E'eleh BeTamar events you can find

Articles and magazines

יהודה ניני

פרופ' יהודה ניני ז"ל | אעלה בתמר היום 24 במאי 2020, א' בסיוון תש"פ, התבשרנו על מותו של פרופ' יהודה ניני ז"ל שהיה פרופסור להיסטוריה באוניברסיטת תל אביב. וחתן פרס

קרא עוד »

מאה שנים למגפת "שנת הרחמים"

מאה שנים למגפת "שנת הרחמים" תרע"ח – תרע"ט ( 1918-1919 ) | אעלה בתמר מאה שנים למגפת "שנת הרחמים"תרע"ח – תרע"ט ( 1918-1919 )טוביה סולמי עם פרוץ מגפת הקורונה התחילו

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על האמונה בשדים ורוחות בתימן

על האמונה בשדים ורוחות בתימן | אעלה בתמר על האמונה בשדים ורוחות בתימןד"ר נעמה בן עמי האמונה בשדים ורוחות הייתה נפוצה בתימן בקרב הערבים והשפיעה גם על היהודים שגרו בקרבם.

קרא עוד »

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